ATV Launcher for Indihome, MXQ, Android Box & PTCL Smart TV ZTE ZXV10B760H,

ATV Launcher for PTCL Smart TV ARMV8a

ATV launcher popular Android TV launcher specifically designed for television screens and set-top boxes running on the Android TV operating system. It provides a user-friendly and simplified interface for navigating and accessing apps, settings, and content on Android TV devices.

ATV Launcher for PTCL Smart TV, ZXV10B760, ZTE SMART BOX

ATV Launcher offers a clean and customizable home screen layout that is optimized for remote control usage. Here are some key features of ATV Launcher:

Customizable Home Screen: 

ATV Launcher allows you to customize the appearance of your Android TV home screen. You can arrange and organize your apps, shortcuts, and widgets according to your preference.

Favorite Apps: 

It provides a dedicated section for your favorite apps, allowing you to quickly access your most-used applications with ease.

Quick Settings: 

ATV Launcher integrates with the Android TV quick settings menu, enabling you to access and control settings such as Wi-Fi, display, sound, and more directly from the home screen.


The launcher may offer personalized content recommendations based on your usage and preferences, making it easier to discover new apps, shows, and movies.

App Drawer: 

ATV Launcher provides an app drawer where you can view and launch all installed apps on your Android TV device.

Easy Navigation: 

The interface of ATV Launcher is designed to be easily navigable using a remote control, with intuitive controls and large icons for better visibility from a distance.

ATV Launcher enhances the user experience on Android TV devices by providing a user-friendly and optimized interface for TV screens. It can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store on compatible Android TV devices.

ATV Launcher is a launcher designed for Android TV devices and is compatible with various architectures, including ARMv8. ARMv8 is a 64-bit architecture commonly used in modern smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

If you have an Android TV device with an ARMv8 architecture, you should be able to install and use ATV Launcher without any compatibility issues. The launcher is available for download from the Google Play Store, and it should automatically detect the architecture of your device and install the appropriate version.

When searching for ATV Launcher on the Google Play Store, make sure to select the version that is compatible with Android TV. This ensures that you get the optimized interface and features designed specifically for television screens.

Once installed, you can set ATV Launcher as your default launcher on your Android TV device, and it will provide you with a user-friendly and customizable interface for navigating and accessing apps, settings, and content on your Android TV.

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